Dr. Rock & The Stuff

From the Delta Blues of the 20's, to the Chicago sounds of the 50's, through the British invasion of the 60's to the current masters of rock, and rhythm & blues, Dr. Rock & The Stuff displays a unique ability to draw from these eras to make a sound of their own that is fresh, yet respectful to musical tradition. The band presents its interpretation of traditional blues and R&B in a lively improvisational style through modern guitar rock instrumentation. Share an active musical conversation between two masters on guitar and a solid rhythm section, a delight for the ears and the feet.


Musicians who have known each other and played together over 20 years, Dr. Rock & The Stuff has a sound and a repertoire both listeners and dancers will love. Two lead singers, Sammy Award winning artists, and sets of familiar, likable tunes played at comfortable levels are guaranteed to please your guests.

The Stuff performs with a theatrical lighting director who makes every show sparkle.

As a long time, professionally run organization, Dr. Rock & The Stuff will always arrive as scheduled with the proper equipment for your room, play long sets with short breaks, mingle with your guests and play their requests, allow you the use of the PA for announcements, provide MC services if needed, and do everything in their power to assure your event runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

Our Music page offers sixteen Stuff tunes including eight captured live, and eight studio recordings of our own compositions. The tunes are available to stream or download on the Music page. Photos from live shows and videos are on the Pix&Vids page.

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